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     A top-secret file that contains information so important that enemies of America will kill to obtain it. The file contains the technical specifications for the development of a new space fired laser weapon system that is expected to change the way future battles will be fought. The file was stolen from a deeply protected computer in the US Department of Defense and was to be auctioned to the highest enemy bidder.

     Secret agents involved in the thrilling chase for the file are murdered and David Korman, the retired Israeli spy is asked to undertake the deadly assignment to protect the file and uncover the enemy assailants. Korman once again comes face-to-face with Nicole Lawrence, the genius psychopathic killer who he has chased world-wide for the murders she committed. After Lawrence underwent secret training and major physical altering surgery in Russia, she returned to America posing as a scientist and rapidly enacts horrendous revenge on old emeries. Later, Korman makes startling discoveries of a Russian training facility and the identification of its leader.

     Can David escape the murderous foreign regimes that are determined to learn the secrets in the file and are willing to kill anyone to get their hands on it? This dark story could have risen from the pages of newspapers as it follows the attempt by corrupt forces to steal the most secret American data.

Reflections in Red Artwork_edited.jpg

  In this story, a killer stalked the streets of Manhattan and mercilessly strangled women. Randomly selecting his targets, he placed a ribbon around the victim’s neck, post-mortem, and tied a bow centered to their faces. The media created a city-wide buzz called the Red Ribbon Murders. The police were frustrated by the random selection of the killer’s targets and the absence of any clues.

     A brilliant retired Israeli spy, David Korman, an attractive man who drank too much and loved the company of women, undertook the deadliest assignment of his career when he agreed to find and capture the killer. He uncovered suspects and thrilling chases exposed bizarre hidden crimes and agonizing dysfunctional secrets from their past. In the course of the chases, David uncovered an illegal drug operation and is nearly killed after locating its source.

  When a woman who has developed a miracle drug that claims to regenerate brain cells in stroke patients appeared, it seemed to be a financial windfall for the Wall Street firm representing her. That is, until one of the women employed at the financial firm is killed and another, a key employee of the drug firm, was murdered. David learned that the results of the drug research were manipulated, and he exposed a billion-dollar fraud perpetrated by the owner of the drug firm.

    This dark, sharp story of murder and intrigue, reminiscent of detective stories of the sixties, takes many turns until the killer is identified in a surprising twist.

Wheat Field
Deadly Ambitions

David Korman is a man with a reputation. In his day, he has risked his life in service to both the U.S. and Israel more times than he can count. By the time he reaches retirement, he knows that the chaos and danger of his life will never be a thing of the past. There are some jobs you can never really leave behind. When a new terror appears, David must answer the call.

His challenge is to neutralize not one but two enemies of the state: the first, a powerful group working to defraud the U.S. government out of billions, and the second, a terrorist group with a major port city in its sights. He must rely on a lifetime of instinct and intelligence in order to stop the plans to obliterate the port, prevent the murder millions of American citizens with radioactive agents, and foil the plot to steal the country’s money. The hunt is on for predators who won’t think twice about threatening Korman’s family in order to safeguard their real efforts.

Korman’s quest takes him around the planet in pursuit of the truth—and the people responsible for terror.

Wheat Field

David Korman is a man who has fought tragedy and pain all his life after losing his parents as a child and then as an adult having the love of his life blown to bits by a suicide bomber. To the outside world, he is an ordinary man, not heroic in any sense, a successful businessman with three children. But to those who have played a part in his life, he is a true hero. He risked his life for two countries again and again. He has killed too many times in defense of his homeland. David’s exploits as a spy are a nonstop adventure full of unforgettable characters as he is constantly thrown into impossible life-threatening missions. How he is able to survive and ultimately reach his dreams with a woman who matches his intelligence and survival instincts is the story of The Silent Lion.


A deadly financial genius with a devastating agenda has defrauded billions from the U.S. and foreign countries and kills anyone in her way. Against a backdrop of duplicitous gamesmanship and sexual intrigue, this brilliant, seductive blonde is chased in a globe-spanning drama by an ex-Israeli spy. What begins as a story of her life evolves into a dark razor-sharp piece of murder and intrigue.

Nicole Lawrence, the Lizard, is the uncompromising killer who narrates her development from a horrifying childhood to a Wall Street superstar. She stops at nothing to achieve her objectives. David Korman, a retired spy, undertakes the deadliest assignment of his career. He first tracks her to a mansion in a remote part of New Zealand. In her captivating style while in exile, she unwittingly discovers and destroys a major drug ring operating in Nigeria and successfully conspires to murder its leader.

To escape her tracker, the Lizard undergoes facial surgery and flees to Moldova, a tiny European country, where she joins two criminals to brazenly swindle that government of billions. She then mercilessly murders her associates and returns to the U.S., where she steals plans for a secret weapon that the Russians have desperately been pursuing.

The Lizard once again escapes in a chilling chase through Cuba and Panama; this time, to Argentina, where she begins to deal with the rage that lives within her. Finally, in Buenos Aires, an ex-FBI agent who seeks vengeance for the Lizard’s acts unleashes an unexpected chain of heart-stopping surprises. Once a trap is set in motion, it ultimately tests the Lizard’s ability to continue on her merciless journey.

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